Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your company worth our investment?
Our care and concern for your special event is second only to your own. We are able to bring our working DJ experience from hundreds of performances to your one special night. We make your vision of the perfect celebration a reality by providing some of the finest entertainment in Atlanta. We believe that being a successful disc jockey company requires 100% professionalism and 100% customer service and 100% musical expertise.

Can we choose the music to be played at our event?
Yes! We want you to have fun and select the music you want to hear and dance to. You’ll be amazed at how flexible we are when it comes to music selection. We know that keeping the dance floor packed is influenced by many factors, including the order and style in which the songs are played, the way songs are mixed together, and DJ interaction. We recommend that you provide us with a list of your top 20 song requests prior to your event date.

What is included in your most basic rate package?
We include all pre-selected music by you, full MC duties, customized planning services and the use of a handheld wireless microphone.

Am I charged for the setup and break-down time of the DJs equipment?
No! There is never a charge for the time it takes the DJ to setup or breakdown. Our DJs arrive one hour prior to the start time of your event. This allows plenty of time for setup and sound checks before any of your guests arrive.

How interactive are your DJs?
We let you decide how much interaction you would like from your DJ. We can be completely conservative, completely outgoing, or anywhere in between. By default, we’re only as interactive as necessary to keep your guests having a good time on the dance floor. Our DJs are eloquent and have all the needed emcee skills to use words sparingly. Even at our most outgoing level, we still remain professional and will never steal the spotlight.

Do you stop and take breaks?
No! Our DJ services are truly uninterrupted and non-stop. From our scheduled start time to our end time much unlike bands that need to stop and rest, we will never pause to take a break.

How loud do you play the music?
One of the greatest complaints of bands and DJ’s alike is that they play the music too loud. It doesn’t have to be that way! During cocktail and dinner hours the speakers will be strategically positioned for even sound coverage throughout the banquet room at a comfortable sound level. When it’s time to dance, the speakers will be repositioned for maximum sound coverage on the dance floor and minimum sound exposure throughout the rest of the banquet room. This means that on the dance floor the music will be at a comfortable level, yet powerful enough for dancing. Throughout the rest of the room the music will be less predominant and your guests will actually be able to carry on a normal conversation without screaming.

Do you carry backup equipment?
Yes! Your special event could very well be one of the most memorable days of your life. So we must offer you the highest level of dependability. We keep a full array of essential backup equipment on-site at all times for all events. If a component were to fail, it could easily be switched, seamless and unknowing to your guests.

May we call your references?
Yes! Referrals and references are a major part of the entertainment business. We are happy to give you the names and contact information of recent clients we have worked with who have given us permission to release their information to you.

Can we meet with our actual DJ?
Yes! You will be able to work with him every step of the way, having plenty of opportunity to share with him exactly how you have envisioned your event to proceed.

Are there any hidden fees or costs?
Never! All costs and fees are discussed with you and are included in the contract. Applicable taxes, drive time, setup time are already included in the price that we quote you.

How early should we book?
Simply put…the sooner the better! Some of the most popular dates can and do book as early as one year in advance. Our suggestion is to be prepared to sign a contract as early as 6 months before your event.